NOTE: Information is still being gathered by the Canisteo Police Dept. at (607) 698-4211 or alternatively at Steuben County 911
This damage (destruction of Canisteo family memorials) done to Hillside's Older Cemetery July 16, 2010 between 4pm and 7pm...(in daylight).  3 new markers were vandalised a week later ALL in the new upper section.
MOST of these have been re-erected...

Pictured here are ONLY the larger markers,  all average 700 to 1000 lbs. and requiring hiring heavy equipment to re-stand them.

The largest markers weigh close to a ton (Goff, Martin), and one has been pushed over a steep bank.   Markers this size would most
likely require rocking by even a large person -
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Has your family's marker been vandalised?
Allen, Aber, Wass, Pfitzenmaier, Slawson, Jeffers, Burd, Roe, Smith, Goff, Kenyon, Riddell, Pratt, King, Halsey, Travis, Cook, Sharp, Benedict, McGrady, Murray, Wood, Voorhes, Totten, Clark, Halsey, King, Bovier, Hague, Stephens, Henhershot, Langley, Helmes, Vickers, Monroe, Rosa, Hedges, Upson, Johnson, Yanni, Swanson...